overhead image of yellow tea cup full of tea, set on a wooden circular trivet with loose tea surronding it against a wooden background.

Chamomile Lavender Loose Leaf Tea

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Cup & Kettle Tea was founded by two women with a shared passion for all things tea. Located in Bloomington, IN, they only use the highest quality, organic ingredients in their handcrafted tea blends. Our tea blends are handcrafted in house. The majority of these teas come from small farms around the world, are fair trade, and organically produced.

Ingredients: Organic chamomile, organic lavender, organic rose hips.
Tasting Notes: Relaxing floral notes softened with rosehips.
Brewing Instructions: 1 ounce brews 19 cups
Amt: 1 tsp
Water: 8 oz
Temperature: 212 F
Brew Time: 5-7 minutes